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VMware Career Saturday 2017 Week 17

UPDATE 2017-05-13: I’ve added individual pages (wherever my navigation currently has menu structure, currently on the left) with a weekly refreshed, complete listing of all listed positions for SEs, Sales, TAMs, and Consultants in both USA/Canada and EMEA. Those tables will have filters and sortability. My weekly posts will have new listings without the complexity of sorts and filters.

After receiving a lot of interest last week from my previous post on open jobs at VMware, I wanted to put up an update on Field Sales and Systems Engineering positions. I shouldn’t be surprised that there were 6 new requisitions posted, more than one per work-day. VMware is increasing the size and reach of it’s sales and systems engineering force on a pretty consistent basis. I don’t know if I can keep up a weekly cadence, but I’ll try as long as there’s interest in starting a VMware career.

In addition, I got asked about asked about implementation and other post-sales positions at the company, so I’ve included those. There are two kinds of positions I’ve listed here, Consultants and Technical Account Managers. If you want to see everything that was open for Field Sales and SEs as of last week, check out last week’s post. This is only the new SE and Field Sales jobs. As always, you can head to VMware’s recruiting site at Rolepoint and conduct your own searches. I’m watching the “United States” as a location and four types of positions: “Sales-Field Sales“, “Sales-Systems Engineering“, “Services and Consulting-Consulting“, and “Services and Consulting-Technical Account Management“.

Consultants do implementation work of VMware solutions based on a pre-defined statement of work. There’s actually a really interesting family of offerings at the company that incorporate a Assessment, Discovery, and Design phases, rather than having that defined before the consulting engagement. Not every organization can use an off-the-shelf design, and often there are complex, interrelating dependencies to consider.

Technical Account Managers are VMware practitioners who’s services are purchased by customers to help drive them to VMware best practices. They’re working on a specific customer’s issues either 1 day a week, half a week, or 5 days a week. While TAMs aren’t bonded to work on customer systems the way Consultants are, they do represent access to best practices, maturity assessments, VMware Product Manager roadmap sessions, and TAM-day at VMworld. Any time a customer has multiple vCenters in production, I’ve seen customer gain a tactical benefit from just the ability to have Health Checks run by their TAMs. A more strategic benefit is having a dedicated slice of the TAM’s time to align the proper resources from VMware with the company. The VP of Infrastructure should probably have a regular cadence with an SE at VMware to be kept up to date with emerging data center strategy. A Chief Information Security Officer might want updates twice a year on how the VMware CISO’s strategy is evolving.

I noticed that there’s a new TAM position open in Southern California. The first person I ever successfully referred for a job was on that team. I just checked, he’s still here, so it’s not his spot that opened up again!

No one used the contact form in the last week, so I’m ditching it. I’m still reachable via LinkedIn and Twitter. I’m an SE, not a recruiter, so I’m happy to take a look at your resume before you submit it.

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Start a new VMware Career in Consulting

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Again, I’m not a recruiter, but I’m reachable via LinkedIn and Twitter if you’d like some advice about the meanings of requirements on a position or if you’d like me to eyeball your resume before submission. If you’re looking for all open SE and Field Sales positions, you can check out my post from last week or look at VMware’s recruiting site directly.

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