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Jobs at VMware Sales/SE Saturday

UPDATE 2017-05-13: I’ve added individual pages (wherever my navigation currently has menu structure, currently on the left) with a weekly refreshed, complete listing of all listed positions for SEs, Sales, TAMs, and Consultants in both USA/Canada and EMEA. Those tables will have filters and sortability. My weekly posts will have new listings without the complexity of sorts and filters.

UPDATE 2017-04-29: I’ve got a new post with the newly posted jobs as of April 29th, 2017 (2017, week 17) here. In that post, I’ve included new SE and Field Sales jobs as well as post-sales jobs in the Consulting and Technical Account Management categories.

I’ve been tracking open jobs at VMware in enough areas for enough people that I decided to put up my findings for other people to search. Of course, you can head to VMware’s recruiting site at Rolepoint and slice and dice searches on your own. I’m watching the “United States” as a location and two types of positions, 38 in “Sales-Field Sales” and 41 in “Sales-Systems Engineering“.

One area that I haven’t had good luck in organizing for content is on the software development side. There are currently 130 open software engineering jobs at VMware (in the US) which doesn’t seem like a large data set to organize, but the question is how. For the Network and Security Business Unit, previous experience with network stacks is a constant theme. However, some specialties don’t sort that way (UX design, for example). Sorting by languages and tools doesn’t seem like a good idea, though an anlysis of what’s being used by Business Unit might be a separate, interesting task. At any rate, if you’re looking for a software development position at VMware, head to the recruiting site and choose “Engineering and Technology-Software Engineering” from the department drop-down.

Regardless of the type of role you’re looking for, I’m happy to chat about my understanding of the job roles and team structures, eyeball a resume for format and impact, and chat about what it’s like to work at VMware. I’m including a contact form at the bottom if you’d like to get in touch with me. And of course, I’m on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Please note that the location information isn’t as clean as I’d like it. As typical with field positions, they can sometimes cover a region, not just a city. So, sometimes there’s a position that’s listed as a region like “New England” or one of several possible states.

Systems Engineering Positions

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Field Sales Positions

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As I mentioned before, I’m happy to help out anyone who’s thinking about applying for one of these positions. If you have my contact info already, just reach out. If not, feel free to use one of the contact methods on the side (LinkedIn or Twitter) or this contact form.

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