VMware 2014 – A New Position, A New Beginning

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As 2013 came to a close, I took advantage of a terrific job opportunity at a different company. I’m beginning the year as a field-deployed technical consultant at a technology distributor’s data center practice, focusing on VMware for the western region of the United States. VMware 2014 – yes, it’ll be a year eyeballs deep in VMware’s products for me.

What does that mean for this blog? Well, I’ll have to make sure that everyone knows that the views and opinions here are mine alone and don’t reflect that of my employer. In fact, I’ll have to figure out how to make sure that disclaimer is prominently displayed somewhere. I’d hate to attach it to each post I write. Maybe I’ll ask the prominent VMware bloggers how they handle that.

The most important impact is that I’ll be writing more. Though in the past, an aspect of my job as been to keep up to date with VMware, 2014 marks a point in my career where it become my primary (and secondary, and probably tertiary) focus. It’s always been part of my process to anchor lessons learned by writing. Hopefully this focus on VMware with partner solution providers will expose even more nuggets of information. Hopefully my reactions and views will be uniquely mine and valuable reading

In the past week alone, I had interesting  experiences with vCloud Hybrid Service, the VSAN beta, and vShield Edge products. Though young, vCHS looks like a rapidly maturing product with wide-ranging implications for business continuity and disaster recovery practices for internal IT, resellers, and service providers alike. VSAN is looking more and more like an amazing first step at embedding storage controller value in the hypervisor instead of running it on storage array silicon. My exposure to vShield Edge really came from ramping up on vCHS. it’s bringing security software to the virtual environment instead of locking it in a dedicated appliance, once again sparking the “When is that a good idea” discussions. I’d really like to start converting these experiences into public posts and discussions. Here’s my public commitment to make that happen!

So what are you looking forward to this year in virtualization?

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