UX/Design Team at VMware is Hiring

I’ve been watching several internal programs, non-product demos, and ideas-stage discussions on design at VMware for the past few years. Just recently, I noticed that we’re in the middle of a big hiring push for the UX/Design team, so I thought I put up a couple resources for those interested in exploring that career path.

First, here’s my list of open UX/Design positions:

And just as a reminder I maintain more lists of open VMware positions by type and recruitment campaigns:

Next, here’s an interview with Jehad Affoneh and Anna Marie Panlilio of the UX/Design team back in June of 2018. The spoke about their philosophy of design, how they conduct end-user research into the design process, and some ideas on the future direction of VMware product design. Unfortunately, I wasn’t at the recording session, but fortunately, there’s a recording!

It was interesting to hear they’re doing NDA design sessions at VMworld. I checked and they’re almost all full. If you can sign the agreement and sign up, it would be interesting to see that information-gathering first-hand.

Also, here’s the design site they mentioned, and their design blog. If you’re interested in applying and are looking for some background on what they do and why, it’s worth a read.
VMware Design Blog on Medium

Oh and you might want to check out one of their public projects, the Clarity System.

Clarity on Github

Clarity Design System Training video (in a VMware Clarity YouTube Playlist):