VMware Wavefront Acquisition

Yesterday’s VMware Communities Roundtable podcast centered around the VMware Wavefront acquisition. Bill Roth (@BillRothVMware), Director, Product Marketing at VMware’s Cloud Management Business Unit, was in studio to talk about what Wavefront’s product is and the thinking behind the acquisition. We (maybe just me) went down an interesting speculative path of what might be done with the product. Eric was especially interested in

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vRealize Log Insight at VMworld 2016

Detective using vRealize Log Insight to find clues
Photo by paurian

The continuing theme is “Technology I wish I’d paid more attention to before I came to VMware.” Of all those technologies at VMware, vRealize Log Insight might be the most overlooked by everyone. At the same time, it’s a great tool for the sneakers-on-the-ground IT personnel working hard to keep the lights on. At it’s core, Log Insight is a Continue reading vRealize Log Insight at VMworld 2016