VMware Jobs

This page houses all the links to my spreadsheets of open positions at VMware, updated weekly (on Google Sheets). It’s replacing the method of embedding tables within my blog.


Go to the type of job you’re looking for and copy it into your own Google Docs or copy/paste the rows into a desktop app like Excel. Then filter it by location, team, or any of the other criteria you want.

Most of the people I know are in North America, so the sliced and diced versions I have are USA/Canada focused. However, I’m including a link to list of every single open position, so you can filter that however you’d like.

Offer of Help

I generally update these lists every Saturday, including marking the “last update” date in the document. If I seem to have missed an update, feel free to hassle me to do it!  I’m not a recruiter, but if you’re interested in reaching out to me for help applying for a position or reviewing your resume before applying, feel free:
[ LinkedInTwitter ]


Listing TypeAreaLink
All Open PositionsAllbit.ly/vmware-all-positions
Solutions EngineersUSA/Canadabit.ly/vmw-na-se
Technical Account ManagerUSA/Canadabit.ly/vmware-na-tam
Software EngineersUSA/Canadabit.ly/vmware-swe
Product Management and Product Marketing ManagementUSA/Canadabit.ly/vmware-prod-mgmt-mktgmgmt
Project Management and Program ManagementUSA/Canadabit.ly/vmware-prog-proj-mgmt
Solutions Engineers, TAMs, and ConsultantsUKbit.ly/vmw-uk
New GraduatesUSA/Canadabit.ly/vmware-new-grad

Special Campaigns

VMware periodically focuses on specific types of jobs or vertical concentrations for hiring campaigns. Here’s an overview of the current ones, what I know about the concentration, and a link to a list of their positions.

Research & Development Operations and Central Services

As far as I can tell from reading the job descriptions, ROCS has several teams rolling up to it. All I’ve done is pulled what looked like team names from job postings here:

  • VMware Security Response Center
  • Ecosystem Engineering / Ecosystem Services
  • Product Globalization
  • Software Release Management
  • Core Platform Performance Engineering
  • Secure Development Lifecycle
  • Product Security

If you’re interested, here’s the listings:

R&D Operations and Central Services Positions

Join vSAN

The Storage and Availability Business Unit (SABU) looks like it’s making a big hiring push in both engineering and sales positions. It’s already the #1 Hyper-Converged Infrastructure product in the market. They look like they need more coverage.

Here’s the job listings:

SABU vSAN Positions

Join Blockchain OCTO

This looks like a project in the Office of the CTO (OCTO) doing … something with Blockchain. I do know that VMware Research has had some papers and even a video on VMware Enterprise Blockchain. I don’t know much about the project, though it sounds like it was discussed as a research area at VMworld 2017.

Here’s the listings:

VMware Blockchain Office of the CTO (OCTO) Positions

VMware Product Design

The VMware Product Design team looks like they’re the ones elbows deep in building our User Interface. You might want to take a look at the Open Source Clarity Design System at Github which I think came out of that team. And check out what looks like a Design Blog at Medium which they seem to be maintaining.

List of positions available:

VMware Product Design Positions